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About Us

 W&T is a wine importer focused on the so-called ‘Old World’ better known as France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

W&T was created by three Europeans (two French and one Spanish), as we were not entirely satisfied with not being able to find quality, affordable wine from the ‘Old World’ in local convenience stores.

Since we have been living and working in the UK for a very long time, we know and understand the wine market well enough to provide mainstream wine drinkers with exactly what they are looking for.


At Wine and Tradition we believe that consumers are aware of the quality of the Old World and would like to have more affordable choice.

We have put lot of efforts in the construction of our portfolio as we were only looking for high quality affordable wine. We want consumers to be able to buy Old World wine with a consumer retail price from £4.99 to £7.99.


Our portfolio is made of more than 250 products. Another part of our business is to make private labels, with our partner producers we have got acces to bulk wine from many regions of France, Spain, Italy and Portugal so we can create wine tailored to your needs.

We aim high

We want to provide traditional Old World wines at the right price and with the UK consumer in mind. Our constant research of Quality Old World Wine make us different from the rest of the industry. We want the British public to enjoy the products that made us love wine.

We aim different

We want to provide affordable Old World wine to convenience shoppers, as we believe there is a demand for something different than the well-known New World brands already available in every store across the country.

We aim simple

We think the Old World is also able to make easy drinking fruity wine so we just want mainstream wine consumer to taste them and adopt them as that is the only type of wine we import!

Our Vision

We see wine as a fun and enjoyable beverage that people enjoy drinking after a hard day at work or sharing with friends. However, most convenience shoppers cannot drink affordable European wine, as they are not readily available in most convenience stores, as such we seek to be the solution to this issue as we feel that Old World wines are more adapted to mainstream wine drinker than New World wines.

Sebastien Faelens

After graduating with 2 Master’s degrees in marketing and business strategy, Sebastien spent few years in the International wine trade as a sales agent in the UK, Northern Europe, Africa and many French Islands located in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. His passion for wine began at a very early age as he was born and raised in the Pic St Loup area in South of France.

Vincent Grognet

With a passion for people and relationship building, Vincent started in the sales industry at age 17 and has been in this field ever since. His most recent position was managing the growth of a large sales team in the South of England. Vincent discovered wine as a child, when his family moved to South of France and his passion hasn’t stopped growing since.

David Fuentes

After graduating from Paisley University with a Master’s degree, David worked and set up few successful businesses in Spain, the Middle East and obviously England. David is the Spaniard of the team; he was born and raised in Caceres, in the heart of Extremadura. David fell in love with wine when he was 15 years old and first tasted a Vega Sicilia Unico Reserva Especial with his uncle.