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Tapas wine collection is distributed by wine and tradition and a wine made especailly with Tapas food
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The Tapas Wine


Brand Introduction:

The word “tapas” stems from the Spanish verb “tapar”, which means to cover. Originally the tapa, possibly a slice of cold ham, sausage or cheese would have been a small dish or lid placed on top of a glass of wine. This prevented fruit flies from getting into wine and made it easy to eat and drink with your friends whilst standing around a barrel. Tapas were originally provided free by taverns and because they were usually quite salty, they in fact activated thirst and encouraged more wine drinking. Nowadays, Tapas means sociability, friends and family. The tapas wine collection is a range of Spanish wine made to drink with Tapas, that would be the perfect for any tapas restaurant.



Murcia, Spain, Varietal